domingo, mayo 11, 2008

Les dije que había gente copada aca?

Este mail lo recibí el Viernes a las 16:00... un grande Randy!


I am busy this weekend ( wasnt last weekend )........but at my desk I left a magazine called "Whats Up" that lists what is going on in the area.

THe Winery is called "Chatham Hill" and it is in Morrisville. It is off 40 East - a sign with a bunch of grapes marks the exit.
Tastings are Fri nites until 6 and Sat from 11-4 I think.

If you get arrested partying in the US - here is my number - 919-622-XXXX - I will come and bail you out!

Randall C Hxxxx (por si las moscas)

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